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To make a call, add the area code and prefix of the University (0341) 97- in front of the given numbers.
Phone-numbers marked with a blue asterisk * refer to the new building-part of the LIM:
  Prager Straße 34  resp. Vor dem Hospitaltore 1

Name Research Group Phone E-Contact

Alexandri, Fani Aerosols and Clouds 36664 * E-Mail, Web
Becker, Sebastian Atmospheric Radiation 32880 E-Mail
Block, Dr. Karoline Theoretical Meteorology 32939 * E-Mail, Web
Bräuer, Peter Aerosols and Clouds 36664 * E-Mail, Web
Brückner, Dr. Marlen Atmospheric Radiation 32877 E-Mail, Web
Can, Özge Theoretical Meteorology / TROPOS 32936 * E-Mail, Web
Cherian, Dr. Ribu Theoretical Meteorology 32933 * E-Mail, Web
Choudhury, Goutam Aerosols and Clouds 36664 * E-Mail, Web
Donth, Tobias Atmospheric Radiation 36656 * E-Mail
Ehrlich, Dr. André Atmospheric Radiation 32874 E-Mail, Web
Emmanouilidis, Alexandros Remote Sensing and The Arctic Climate System 36654 * E-Mail
Feck-Yao, Wolfgang Engineering 32867 E-Mail
Foth, Dr. Andreas Acoustic and Remote Sensing 36661 * E-Mail, Web
Geissler, Christoph Upper Atmosphere Meteorology 32875 E-Mail
Gottschalk, Matthias Atmospheric Radiation 32880 E-Mail
Haghighatnasab, Mahnoosh Theoretical Meteorology 32936 * E-Mail
Hörnig, Sabine Theoretical Meteorology 32935 * E-Mail
Jacobi, Prof. Dr. Christoph Upper Atmosphere Meteorology 32876 E-Mail, Web
Jäkel, Dr. Evelyn Atmospheric Radiation 36658 * E-Mail
Kaiser, Falk Engineering 32855 E-Mail
Kalesse, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Heike Remote Sensing and The Arctic Climate System 36650 * E-Mail, Web
Kirbus, Benjamin Atmospheric Radiation 36659 * E-Mail
Kretzschmar, Jan Theoretical Meteorology 32941 * E-Mail
Kuchar, Ales Upper Atmosphere Meteorology 32881 * E-Mail
Lindemann, Simone Administration 32873 E-Mail
Linke, Olivia Theoretical Meteorology 32938 * E-Mail
Lochmann, Moritz Remote Sensing and The Arctic Climate System 36654 * E-Mail
Lonardi, Michael Atmospheric Radiation 32860 E-Mail
Mendes de Barros, Katia Atmospheric Radiation 36659 * E-Mail, Web
Metzner, Enrico Theoretical Meteorology 32940 * E-Mail
Mewes, Daniel Upper Atmosphere Meteorology 32861 E-Mail
Papakonstantinou-Presvelou, Iris Theoretical Meteorology 32937 * E-Mail, Web
Quaas, Prof. Dr. Johannes Theoretical Meteorology 32931 * E-Mail, Web
Raabe, Dr. Armin Acoustic and Remote Sensing 32853 E-Mail, Web
Rehnert, Jutta Engineering 32854 E-Mail
Ruiz Donoso, Elena Atmospheric Radiation 32880 E-Mail
Salzmann, Dr. Marc Theoretical Meteorology 32932 * E-Mail, Web
Samtleben, Nadja Upper Atmosphere Meteorology 32881 E-Mail, Web
Schäfer, Dr. Michael Atmospheric Radiation 36662 * E-Mail, Web
Schandert, Katrin Administration 32863 E-Mail
Schimmel, Willi Remote Sensing and The Arctic Climate System 36654 * E-Mail
Schmidt, Dr. Jörg Atmospheric Radiation 36651 * E-Mail
Schwarz, Anja Atmospheric Radiation 36652 * E-Mail
Seelig, Torsten Aerosols and Clouds 36663 * E-Mail, Web
Seydel, Birgit Secretary 32850 E-Mail
Shohan, Samkeyat Atmospheric Radiation 36659 * E-Mail
Stapf, Johannes Atmospheric Radiation 32860 E-Mail
Sudhakar, Dr. Dipu Theoretical Meteorology 32934 * E-Mail, Web
Tesche, Dr. Matthias Aerosols and Clouds 36660 * E-Mail, Web
Vaishnav, Rajesh Ishwardas Upper Atmosphere Meteorology 32881 E-Mail
Vogl, Teresa Remote Sensing and The Arctic Climate System 36654 * E-Mail, Web
Weiße, Frank Engineering 32856 E-Mail
Wendisch, Prof. Dr. Manfred Atmospheric Radiation 32851 (36657 *) E-Mail, Web
Wolf, Kevin Atmospheric Radiation 36653 * E-Mail, Web
  former Employees  
Name previous Research Group Phone E-Contact
Starke, Dr. Manuela Acoustic and Remote Sensing  
Werner, Dr. Frank Atmospheric Radiation  
Ziemann, Dr. Astrid Acoustic and Remote Sensing  

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