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The research group Acoustics/Remote sensing of LIM has developed and applied measurement systems to monitor spatially resolved sound propagation parameters and meteorological quantities for different spatial scales for more than 10 years. Acoustic tomography as a scaletransferable method is based on the dependency of the sound speed on the environmental conditions along the propagation path of the sound signal. A distribution of quantities describing the properties of a moving and thermally variable fluid is reconstructed by a tomographic inversion of all travel-time information of acoustic signals between transmitters and receivers.

Acoustic tomography was applied for different environmental conditions, e.g. in rural or urban environment with heterogeneous surface properties as well as in different spatial scales, from outdoor areas up to indoor wind tunnel.

Beside the expertise in measurements the research group is dealing with operationally applicable sound propagation models including the refraction of sound rays in a moving atmosphere. The model SMART (Sound propagation model of the atmosphere using ray-tracing) calculates the modified sound propagation conditions for an area according to the given thermal stratification of the atmosphere and the vertical profiles of wind vector. This model was applied in different studies to operationally forecast and evaluate the actual 'acoustical weather' in comparison to an undisturbed sound propagation.

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